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Feelings of exclusion and being othered


Exam stress

Online and face-to-face bullying

We offer one on one talking therapy lasting 50 minutes per session. We work online and in Edinburgh city centre and Morningside areas.

RK Counselling was created by Ruqueia and Shinobu. We discovered that we shared similar values and core beliefs around counselling and therapeutic relationships. Due to our personal and professional experience, we aimed to provide a space where people can feel safe to explore a number of identity categories, whichever they may be: sexuality, gender, race, culture, economical, age and many more. These labels are often impinged on by society and do not fit with an individual’s own experience. We want to allow space and give voice to your own personal experience of what your identity means to you.


There are a number of reasons that people wish to seek counselling. Some issues we have worked with are:

However, these are to only name a few and often it's an intersection of a number of areas that our counselling offers to help untangle and process through a supportive, non-judgemental relationship. We strive to understand the individuality that exists within these areas and engaging with the uniqueness of your experience.

Session Fees

We offer long and short term counselling in discussion with your needs. 

Initial Session: £30 (face-to-face) and £25 (online)

Following sessions: £45 (face-to-face) and £40 (online)

Payments can be made via bank transfer, cash or card.

Social and family relationship issues

Work issues


Lifestyle conflicts


Obsessive compulsive disorder





MA (hons), PG Diploma in Counselling

COSCA Accredited

University of Edinburgh


I am a qualified counsellor based in Edinburgh with experience in working with a variety of clients. This experience includes facilitating both adults and adolescents in working with: anxiety, depression, feelings of exclusion and being othered, loneliness, social and family relationships, autism, obsessive compulsive disorder, sexuality, online and face-to-face bullying and exam stress. 

My approach draws from both Person Centred and Psychodynamic counselling theories. This allows me to create a safe, holding environment to facilitate you to have a more meaningful dialogue with yourself. As a counsellor, I believe in the importance of open mindedness and fluidity to create a space for a genuine, therapeutic relationship to develop. I hope that through this relationship you are able to share and explore your feelings and emotions that are intertwined with your past and present life stories and experiences.


Being mixed-race Japanese and Scottish, I have experienced and explored my personal journey with identity and it's multifaceted nature. This has allowed me to further appreciate and empathise with the uniqueness of your experience of identity.

I hope that through counselling you are able to deepen your self-understanding as well as develop and nurture your relationship with yourself. 



MA (Hons), PG Diploma in Counselling

COSCA Accredited

University of Edinburgh


I am a qualified counsellor trained in Person Centred and Psychodynamic theories of counselling. I am experienced in counselling individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds with different areas of conflict. Due to my personal and professional exploration of identity as an ethnic minority, I encourage communication in the diverse ways that identity is experienced by individuals.


Some clients have a specific aspect that they wish to work through. Nonetheless, these have intersected with a number of other aspects of their experience such as anxiety, depression, sexuality, identity, childhood, family, grief, loss, anger, and health.

I am currently a counsellor at Women's Aid which has provided me specialised experience in working with issues regarding relationship difficulties, trauma and domestic abuse.


I place important value in the unique experience of the counsellor-client relationship. I aim to provide a safe space that offers warmth, empathy and non-judgement. In the process of therapy, I hope to empower my clients towards a more compassionate acceptance of self.


My background is used to offer thoughts and wanderings whilst maintaining that the client is the expert. It is my role to facilitate the client through their personal journey and exploration of self. Facilitated by the counselling process, reflection and self-awareness can help clients experience their daily lives in a more fluid and dynamic way of being. 




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